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Cha Dao Circle · Poetry, Presence and Connection


Inspired by the cloudwalking sages and mystics...⁣

I am so excited to announce the 7-week Cha Dao Journey and see the formation of this Circle of Dao Seekers come together. ⁣


This seven-week course is a journey, a journey inward to the unknown, to an exquisite space within us that has lay dormant for as long as we have been alive here in this lifetime, and even before. What you will discover is entirely cerebral and heartfelt. No one person feels and perceives the same when they come to sit with Tea with an open heart and mind. ⁣

Because of this, I wanted to create a space that could allow an introduction to Tea and Ceremony, and then from there, build upon it with all the poetry and art and stories that She has inspired. ⁣

This is for you if you are...⁣

· entirely new to Tea culture and would like to explore Cha Dao as a beginner ⁣

· interested in cultivating a habit of meditating with Tea as a daily ritual⁣

· interested in integrating Tea in your spiritual practice and establish a connection with all elements of nature as well as your chakras ⁣

· enamoured by myths and poetry ⁣

· simply attracted by the grace of a community filled with love and appreciation for presence and connection⁣

🍃 DM me to get an early bird code by September 30. Registration closes October 26. Begins November 3. Click here to read all about the Circle.⁣

· Flow with the Dao. Flow with the unknown. That is where Magic happens. Not ready for a full journey? Book in for a private Tea Ceremony with me. Link to register is in the tabs above ·

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