Journey On Cha Dao

Poetry, Presence & Connection

This three-month Circle is a journey, a journey inward to the unknown, to an exquisite space within us that has lay dormant for as long as we have been alive here in this lifetime, and even before. What you will discover is entirely cerebral and heartfelt. No one person feels and perceives the same when they come to sit with Tea with an open heart and mind. 

Because of this, I want to emphasise that this is a space that is going to be kept intimate and that could allow an introduction to Tea and Ceremony, and then from there, build upon it with all the poetry and art and stories that She has inspired. 


This is for you if you are...


· entirely new to Tea culture and would like to explore Cha Dao as a beginner


· entirely new to Tea culture and would like to explore Cha Dao as a beginner


· interested in integrating Tea in your spiritual practice and establish a connection with all elements of nature as well as your chakras
· enamoured by myths and poetry


· simply attracted by the grace of a community filled with love and appreciation for presence and connection

Live 1-hour Tea Ceremony and Practical Class & Q&A session each alternate week for three months, recorded for your replays and self-paced studies.

One 1:1 session with me each month. 

You will receive online course material on how to start meditating with Tea, which includes one video tutorial and one guided meditation, alongside other lessons for life.

You will be part of a private Facebook group (optional of course) that will live on beyond this course. I will be on hand to answer any queries you may have at my best possible capacity. During the three months together we will all have the opportunity to share Tea experiences.

You will receive a kit with seven different genres of Teas handpicked to personally delve into the Teas and get to know Them.


· Flow with the Dao. Flow with the unknown. That is where Magic happens. ·

It is my intention to take you on this journey to where it can all lead you to the heart centre, so that whatever you learn through these sessions can ripple outward to your entire life.

Each time we meet we are met with a channelled energy that is beyond our comprehension and control. And with this energy we shall move, grow and serve. We will develop through this mystical energetics so an open mind and heart is so important to foster poetry, presence and connection in our lives.



Introduction to the story of Tea
The seven genres of Tea


Tea, the bridge between heaven and earth 
Exploring spiritual connections with Tea Spirit and Tea medicine for the corporeal



Understanding the five elements

Why fire is the teacher of tea, and water the mother of tea


Poetry and Tea 
We will also walk through the Zen gardens with works by Rikyu.



Zen and Tea One Flavour
We will honour the goddess Thea, Goddess Guan Yin, and also deep dive into the mythological roots of Tea with Shen Nong.


What is Living Tea & The Four Virtues of Tea



Humility, Zen and no mind
Coming down to Humility
The importance of the i don't know-mind and beginner's mind.

The first bowl moistens my lips and throat.

The second bowl banishes my loneliness and melancholy.

The third bowl penetrates my withered entrails, 

finding nothing except a literary core of five thousand scrolls.

The fourth bowl raises a light perspiration, 

casting life’s inequities out through my pores.

The fifth bowl purifies my flesh and bones.

The sixth bowl makes me one with the immortal, feathered spirits.

The seventh bowl I need not drink, 

feeling only a pure wind rushing beneath my wings.

Where are the immortal isles of Mount P’englai? 


~ excerpted from Song of Tea by Lu Tung

Full price: HKD15,000/ GBP1,500

(price includes Tea Kit and shipping fee)

Begins April 28, 2021.

Precise time to meet will be determined when the Circle comes together.

Registration closes on April 16 to ensure all tea kits arrive in time.


All live sessions will be recorded and are accessible at your own pace.




I’ve always pondered the power of our simple being-ness within silence and stillness. To witness this power has been something my soul has longed for since I was young. I got the chance to experience this through my private tea ceremony session with Liying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I got exactly what my soul has been seeking... absolute presence with another human. Liying is filled with love and compassion and has a keen ability to tap into the energy of others. It felt refreshing to have such beautiful space held for me in the most simple way... I felt truly seen, held, and loved in her unwavering presence for me like never before. There’s so much wisdom that tea has to offer, combined with Liying’s own wisdom (plus her gorgeous playlist), the experience was poetic, grounding, humbling, and enriching. I would highly recommend a private session as well as her group offerings. 


—  Sarah, New York