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All About Cha Dao

Not so long ago, I was living in a 300 sq-ft flat, dreaming of connecting with a community of spiritual seekers, of being held by the gaze of amazing heart-opening teachers.⁣

I did not know what it was I really wanted then though. All I remember feeling was that I did not belong, had never felt at home anywhere  I went - and I certainly had had a good amount of travel notches on my bow.⁣

When Tea crossed my path, I had thrown up a huge yes to the Universe. I asked to be shown the way. I asked to be given a sign.⁣

And the Universe delivered, in a bowl of Tea.⁣

The following, not all-encompassing, are some of which had crumbled into ashes and allowed me to rise as a new being. 🙏🏻🕯⁣

All those years of chasing after people who did not see me for me; ⁣

All those years of deeply ingrained beliefs that if I give my heart fully I will be robbed and stabbed in the back;⁣

All those people around me who showed me to show up with a cloaked face and caged heart;⁣

All those times when I truly had caged my heart away so I could climb the proverbial ladder, become a leader, turn into a successful corporate something;⁣

I had had my heart twisted when I was not considered for the role of assistant editor once.⁣

My ex-editor in chief and mentor said to me, you wouldn't want to be desk bound, would you?⁣

She had known me better than I ever knew myself.⁣

I was ambitious. I had drive. I had big dreams.⁣

But I was also running endless miles.⁣

All those times when I felt I had to keep doing better so that I can be loved and appreciated;⁣

All those years of believing that I had to change into someone that fits the standards of society to be accepted;⁣

They all melted away - and lest you think I am completely enlightened, don't think that for I still get moments of which I call "human" moments - and still continue to melt away as I continue to show up at this altar of devotion, this daily practice of ceremony and connection.⁣

I wrote once that The Way of Tea had shown me, increasingly, day by day, how to honour the space of mediocrity. ⁣

This is not about not doing.⁣

It is about non-doing: the Daoist sages called this Wu Wei 無為.⁣

This is about learning that the bud never forces her blossom.⁣

This is about learning that every fall is a fall of grace, not disgrace, not a failure.⁣

This is about moving in faith and compassion.⁣

Because this is all there is to life.⁣

We are going to dive deep to unearth the treasures of your heart ❤⁣



. ⁣

Hello darling one, If you're reading this far in... I am guided to lead 1:1 in a 3-month container beginning June 2021 for anyone who feels called to receive the blessings of the Way of Tea. ⁣

If it feels aligned, please reach out. I am looking for 5 spectacular souls to begin this very bespoke and unique journey into the veins of the Leaf, into the vast cosmos, into the alchemical Dao. 🌌☯️🌕⁣

Dm me to schedule in a free 30-minute discovery call 💗🧝🏻‍♀️

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