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A Transcendental Tea Meditation

Sacred nectar trickles down my neck ⁣

Every step I take ⁣

A lotus flower blooms⁣.

My heart is so full⁣

Of these ancient scrolls⁣

Unfurling from the veins of these leaves⁣

Leaves whose humble whispers⁣

Belies the magic within. ⁣

I lay the charcoals of Quietude⁣

Stoked by the kindling of Presence.⁣

I let the waters of Clarity wash over me⁣

Like the pebbles in the snowy mountain riverbed.⁣

I find Completion in this bowl of Tea⁣

I'm not afraid now that I am walking the Dao⁣

that my heart may break open⁣

Again and again.⁣

I become a vessel -⁣

I go deeper and deeper within⁣

My eyes soften in the face of Impermanence. ⁣

I lay down my weapons and defences⁣

and embrace Her as She is.⁣

There is no need ever before and now ⁣

To fight to swim upstream.⁣

How perfect life is⁣

As it is. As we are. ⁣

When we are connected within, we can allow the intelligence of the Universe to flow to and through us. We are allowing. We are receiving.⁣


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