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A Lesson In Cha Dao

○ C O N N E C T I O N ○⁣

It is so important, impossible to live without.⁣

× E N M E S H M E N T ×⁣

An entanglement that has weaved us all together with our parents, past lives, trauma, societal beliefs... all that says every single motion begins in the mind. ⁣

indeed, perhaps, the soul does not grow from a perfect childhood;⁣

Neither does the lack of nightmares and bad memories make us any more luminous as a human being.⁣

Spirituality has nothing to do with religion;⁣

Rather, it is a mirror held up to our hearts⁣

A reflection of the sun's brilliant light on your moonlit skin.⁣

This skin does not absorb but rather emanates that light to all those eyes who care to see.⁣

There is no knowing of where this light may turn, which dark corner upon which it may shine⁣

Reminding us of the time when we sold our souls and abandoned our hearts in a wasteland full of things we thought would bring us happiness. ⁣

But happiness is here. It has always been here.⁣

The Way of Tea courses through life in every vein;⁣

Cha Dao is a friend, a reunion with the inner being, a consolation, a precious moment that shall never ever be retrieved again;⁣

Cha Dao is a remembrance of our spirit, our oneness, at one with Nature, with the divine, with every being who has ever moved our hearts. ⁣

The road ahead may seem impossible to take at times;⁣

It is my wish that you and The Way of Tea may cross paths;⁣

That Tea spirit may touch you at some point in life. ⁣

Gentle softness, She is the enchantress, and I, the ever humble Student of the Leaf.⁣

It is my wish to also connect you with the Leaf and all of those who walk the Way of Tea through my Spirit Path Tea Circle. Everybody is welcome. We all have a story to tell, and in the process of opening our hearts and turning inward we can all peel away and shift into a higher consciousness, becoming our authentic self. A true expression of Tea shall be beautifully wrapped up customised to your sun and moon signs when you sign up as a member - and that is just the very beginning of this journey on the Spirit Path... 🍃 🍂

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