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21 Days Of No·thingness

🕊 Heart Coherence: Virtual Mountain Retreat in a Bowl ⛰⁣

🪶 21 days of no·thingness⁣

🍃 "Go through this world of illusion in free and easy wandering." ~ kannon-kyo, Lotus Sutra⁣

What if there is a life where nothing is lacking, where the world is perfectly imperfect?⁣

They say that when we see our world through shattered lenses, then the whole world is going to be always... well, shattered.⁣

This is the essence of this 21-day retreat - on this retreat I will guide you through a transformative process so you can love and live a life of freedom, receptivity and wholeness.⁣

Consistently, with no psychoanalysis or meds involved. ⁣

Know that the idea that if you stopped moving then nothing can be "achieved" is a falsehood created by the perfectionist Ego mind. ⁣

Know that it is okay to let go, to pause and breathe deeply into stillness. ⁣

☯️ Zen and Tea are known for centuries to be of one flavour {茶禪一味}. Wholeness is found in the here and now. The Dao exists in everything, from the concrete buildings to the four corners of the earth to the gateway of heaven. ⁣

And most of all, why I truly believe this to be The Way of Life, is that Zen and Cha Dao commune without words, manifesting {示} the simple {單} - our true nature {kensho}.⁣

Cha Dao is incredibly empowering for surrendering the impulse to do and contort one self into some shape or form that is deemed perfect (the chase is endless and therefore, exhausting). My own life has taken a complete turn from the strains of perfectionism, thanks to this practice and harmonising rituals.⁣

And rituals are what humans have to tune back into harmony with heaven and earth.⁣

Discover how to join the 21-day retreat via link in bio.

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