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Living tea that honours the divinity of the Leaf... now available through consciously and intuitively curated sacred Tea sets.


Handpicked and vibrationally matched three sets of Tea upon consultation with you to meet your unique needs. 


Living tea has six characteristics:

· living tea is seed propagated, as opposed to cuttings;

· the tea trees have room to grow – upwards to produce large crowns, and between trees, allowing the plants to organise themselves;

· living tea is grown in full biodiversity, surrounded by natural ecology;

· living tea is, of course, grown without the use of any agro-chemicals (the Terrible Trio: pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers);

· and the relationship between the farmer and trees is one of respect and reverence;

· finally, no irrigation or fertiliser of any kind (even organic fertiliser). This allows the trees to be independent, developing strong and deep roots and connecting to the energy of the mountain.

Sacred Tea Set

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£45.00every month until canceled
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