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Zen Meditation, Building A Sacred Altar With Tea and Crystals

♧ T R A N S C E N D E N C E ♧⁣

I have always loved the mythical tales from Ancient China. The gods and goddesses who would dissemble their greatness by appearing as a stereotypically ugly form - an old craggy woman, a beggar - and the foolish human in the story would almost always pass this greatness by; the wise Sen No Rikyu who extolled simplicity and imperfections as true beauty in Tea - have you caught yourself forgetting that essence of Cha Dao in the midst of all the things that you possess and have learnt - teaware, flowers, vases, that fancy kettle, or this expensive thermometer that would give you a precise idea of the temperature of the water, or that exorbitant tea cake?⁣

It is human to judge by the cover of the book. It is human to place a value on one's prized possessions. Don't we all sigh at the gorgeous moment when we step into a wondrous Tea space? Zen is most certainly not about dismissing beauty. If anything, Zen extols beauty, but is never consumed by it. Understanding everything is transient allows all beings to live in harmony with Nature. ⁣

I was wondering today about how we could right the wrongs so the children of the future could be more connected to their hearts than we have ever done.⁣

And then it struck me that, perhaps they are the ones who can teach us how to connect to the heart through their untainted eyes and their pure joy.⁣

This is the rudimentary of Zen teachings. To be Zen, you have to be Zenless, to understand that even when you acknowledge the presence of your ego, you know that ultimately there is no I in the mind. From here, Love then can begin to awaken from within.

That even the meditative mind is just a vagabond in this story of our lives. Nothing is ever ours. Nothing stays forever. ⁣

So in that sense, achieving the Zen mind is not linear or separate from our everyday lives. Indeed, does the word achieve even mean anything in Zen's teachings?⁣


Tea | 🕊@globalteahut Ancient Highway 🌿 ⬇️ on deepening the sacred ceremony with crystals and the Leaf 🍃:

This @consciencecrystals apophyllite has such an incredible draw. He refuses to sit on my dressing table, along with all the other crystals. He doesn't fit into the bookshelf in my bedroom either. He wants to be out there in the sacred space and in the light cast by the sun and moon, and in my heart I heard Him say, this is where I belong...

When I placed Him on my forehead in meditation I could see and feel the rippling waves of the sea. The energies of #Mintaka echoes through to me.

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