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You Are A Starseed

You began as a seed of light, cast down from the copulation of stars that are ecstatically in love.⁣

You dropped, a star seed, into the belly of the Feminine. ⁣

In the Great Mysterious Womb you, a pure light energetic being, began to compress into matter from the Source where you are whole and eternal. ⁣

As the seed comes to fruition, a star is born.⁣

You have passed through the veil of forgetfulness, armed with the quest to once again, gather your spirits and infuse them with the light of your consciousness - the light of Shen · 神 · The Spirit Of Fire.⁣

There is a Line through which Pure Light courses up and down the core of your being. ⁣

Setting the intention to activate this line is your first step into the Great Dao.⁣

To begin spinning from your twelve chakras - yes you have seven within, and five externally around your physical body, with the tenth beneath you like a golden pool of light -⁣

Activation will spin these chakras faster and faster, opening up infinite vortexes - this is where you become present to your everyday intention on what you would like to experience.⁣

The Pillar of Light draws infinite energy from the Source - this abundance of energy cascades down through your spiritual and subtle bodies, down into the crown of your head into your physical body in endless abundance.⁣

Activating this Pillar Of Light must then be followed by authentically owning your wholeness - that means intentionally turning inward to look fully at your negative emotions and reactions, your destructive habits and limiting beliefs - to fully realise your true potential; to follow your True North, your calling, your soul's purpose. ⁣

What emotions inside of you now are you avoiding?⁣



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