Why NO Is A Complete Sentence

🎋 Why "No" is a complete sentence and there is no shame in saying so 📿⁣

When you learn to say "no" with no shame and no guilt, your vibration is reverberating in a powerful way inside your body, raising frequency and quantum flipping your mind.⁣

When you say "no." from a steady centre, you say it with compassion and harmony.⁣

When you say "no." you are not just setting someone free to move on, you are showing your ego and the world that you are serious about standing in your power.⁣

I was recently rejected out of the blue after responding to somebody who reached out to me for help with her disordered eating. ⁣

We walked through the gamut of her condition and came to the point of making a commitment. ⁣

She didn't have the guts to say NO.⁣

And so she checked out quietly, blocked me on social media.⁣

At first it made me feel like a fraud.⁣

Then I felt like I didn't deserve it at all.⁣

Then, like an impostor.⁣

I examined this feeling and delved into my so