Where Your Body Begins And Ends

Your body does not begin and end merely in flesh and skin.⁣

Your body is the tree that breathes oxygen into our lungs;⁣

The stars that combusted into infinitesimal stardust;⁣

The moonlight that shone on the leaves and grass that flourish on this Earth which we call home;⁣

The sunlight that gives life to every corner of this world;⁣

The oceans with their nourishing life-force, renewed at every turn of the tide.⁣

Your body is the earth that contains trillions of years of ancient wisdom,⁣

Blood that runs deep into your ancestors' bones and and flesh⁣

To the Universe that is beyond our line of vision.⁣

This is your body.⁣

Trillions and trillions of atoms vibrating to the music of the Universe. ⁣


Let the great teacher, Tea, begin to open your eyes and hearts to your true nature. In cha dao we empty our minds and let Tea fill our cups up again⁣ before emptying it all once again.⁣

And in this emptiness we find a sweet surrender to a cosmic energy that is beyond our comprehension⁣