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What It Means To Belong

What it means to belong...⁣

We have been so conditioned to be ostracised and invalidated that somehow along the lines, the whole idea of belonging has become a flip side of that - validation and acceptance into a common mentality.⁣

But what if belonging really means being amongst people who are truly able to see your greatness - and are just as great or greater than you are?⁣

This recalibration has completely transformed my way of being.⁣

No longer is it about going into a group or a social event looking to be told how great my work is or how amazing I am. It is about being seen and then also walking alongside greatness that inspire me to be greater.⁣

No longer is it about being held in a space where we all have the same ideology. It is about having disagreements and then having the difficult conversations that blow my circuits up. ⁣

It completely soothes the mind's tendency to seek for proof (validation, approvals, etc).⁣

I truly believe that when I take my first step forward and let go of the rest, it is my soul coming into alignment with the Dao. ⁣

My hope is that you don't just get into spirituality to heal, but also to understand the truth of who you really are.⁣

To unveil the peace within.⁣

To feel the power you hold in you.⁣

It is rising in you in such a big way - allow it. Stop suppressing it.⁣

If you feel called to be supported in a high-level mentorship, reach out via DM for all the information you need. No question is out of bounds.⁣

Allow yourself to have this. Don't dim the value of your growth any longer now. ⁣

⁣⁣ ⁣

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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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