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What is Cha Dao?⁣

There is no amount of words that can truly capture the essence of Cha Dao. It will take a book to cipher it, and even then, there will still be a bountiful of unsaid words beyond that are not captured within those pages.⁣

I recently have gone back to re-reading books that talk about the Dao as that question has landed in my lap and meditations with not much of a succinct answer to repartee: What is Cha Dao?⁣ One can try to get a sense of it, but one cannot truly comprehend it until one is being it...

We can drink Tea (cha · 茶) but not necessarily walk the Way of Tea (dao · 道). When we walk the Dao, we are learning to keep a no-mind's mind. We are emptying our cup to open up for all that flows with the Universe. This goes beyond the physical realms, the analytical mind.⁣

Walking the Way would mean building up from a veneration of all things - from the simplest to the most profound. We find calm joy (安樂) in things with no names; in simple silence, in falling leaves, in boiling water, in taste buds refreshed by sips of Tea. ⁣

When we drink Tea and walk the Dao, we remember our infinite self, and through this remembering we become as peaceful as the sea in the morning. We remember a land before time, the Inner Earth that connects us all with the roots of Mother Gaia and all the celestial beings around us. We remember the temple that resides within us. We remember we are the light, the stars, the moon and the sun, the Ten-thousand Things, as the sages called it centuries ago.⁣



Can you taste harmony in your bowl? ⁣



Join me this week for Tea, stillness, presence, and transcendence:⁣

☯️ Monday Morning Virtual Tea Ceremonies ⁣

· 8.30am BST ⁣

· 10.30am BST ⁣

☯️ New Moon in Leo Virtual Tea Ceremony ⁣

August 19⁣

· 1pm BST ⁣

☯️ New Moon in Leo Women's Circle with @lifeisjustastorywritten

August 22⁣

· 4pm BST ⁣

🍃 I look forward to receiving your presence 🕊🌿

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