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What Is Cha Dao?

Clouds turn to rain

And rain turn to rainbows.

Rivulets of Tea

Stream from pot to bowl

From bowl to Earth.

I connect through the sacred crystalline grid

Of Mother Gaia

Through these alchemised leaves.

Sometimes we cannot hear

The Universe through the winds of change

Of comparison

And competitiveness.

When life is lived as a ceremony

Every single moment is divine.

Tea Spirit,

In silent reverence, She makes herself known.

The Way of Tea is to let Her flow into all veins of life.

It is human nature to seek for the path of higher achievements.

It is in the ego to persuade.

Sit still and it shall slowly unveil its true form -

That of which is formless, insubstantial

Until given form with the mould in our minds.

The Way of Tea (Cha Dao) breathes nothingness into our minds

And in this nothingness, a lotus flower shall blossom from the murky depths of our thoughts.

All that it takes to bloom is to surrender and trust:

Surrender to nothingness;

Trust in the answers that will arise within us.

It is this dance with the Universe that makes life so beautiful.

How can we forget all that we are taught

And simply feel worthy of abundance

Without looking outward for happiness?

When we give, the Universe gives back. 🧡🕊🍃 .

There is so much to honour in this Tea space, where we spill our hearts so openly. It is my great joy and pleasure to hold space with you, to weave this mandala of love with you beautiful precious beings. I love expanding my practice and creating more collaborative pathways for us to honour our selves and our worthiness in this world. When we can truly be kind and gentle with ourselves, I promise you will see so much more kindness in return, and hear your highest self with so much clarity your intuition will be inclined to fire up like the sun and flow fluidly like water. ➰☯️➰🌿🕊 Two more Sundays left this May, during which we will sit with Tea at 1pm BST with some poetry and lots of presence. #linkinbio if you wish to join - everyone is welcomed ° virtual ceremony will take place on Zoom with no fee required.

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