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What Is A Tea Ceremony?

A Tea ceremony is an invitation to slow down and do nothing. Yes! It is a purposeful means to not-do, to a no-mind state. This state is in flow with the Dao, a practice that when goes with Tea, is known as Cha Dao. Many ancient sages and Zen monks have indeed found Tea to be an elixir of the mind, heart, and spirit, a moving chorus of wisdom that seeped through the cells in their bodies through every sip of the Tea. Tea is Zen, and Zen is Tea. There is no separation, just as there is no separation between human beings and the Universe. ⁣

I recall Eckhart Tolle say, What is your sphere of immediate influence like? How aware are you of your predominant emotions and thoughts? When you are not aware, you are living by conditioning and by your surroundings. ⁣

When we think about how fucked up the world is, it is perhaps an immediate reaction to say, well it is as it is because the world has gone nuts. But what is vital to changing the world is actually right here, right where you are. "It is like the ripple becoming aware of that it is part of the ocean," says Tolle. This higher consciousness allows us to first become aware of our thoughts and actions, and how they contribute to the greater awareness that is the Universe. We are all part of this Universe. So whatever we do can move mountains and cross wide open seas. ⁣

Walking the Dao ☯️道☯️ with Tea is a great way to get into the flow of the Universe ⚛, to live in the moment and be fully immersed in the here and now, letting go of outcome. As you all may well know, that letting-go is the first step to powerful manifestations in life. It is an acknowledgement of our ☆I AM☆ powers, a super power that we all possess and yet has been disciplined by society or has been lying latent. ⁣

This is my invitation to you to reconnect with that cosmos within your soul, through a practice that will serve you in ways that is beyond your imagination. There is no time like now.

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