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What Is A Sacred Tea Ceremony?

I have been sitting in reverent ceremony and feeling the opening of my sacral chakra and the powerful kundalini energy waft through my every fibre.⁣

The sacral where the Dark Goddess transmutes pain into purpose when you come with courage to go through the deepest darkest watery caves... ⁣

丹 | dàn · the cinnabar throne of the Dark Goddess is also a word often associated with Medicine.⁣

茶丹 | chádàn · Tea medicine is 🕊 a gateway to the sacred and harmony with Great Spirit. 🌿⁣

Tea medicine opens up a sacred space where we can tap into our highest self effortlessly and forge connections with each other where disconnection is lost.⁣

You see the Divine in everything. You embody the Highest Self beyond the veil.⁣

When I work with Tea Spirit, I am often asked, what happens in the sacred ceremony. How does it help?⁣

Plant medicine opens up for our healing purposes only when we treat them with reverence and openness. ⁣

When we allow, we come into a graceful flow state.⁣

When we think of nature, we think of the trees, the waterfalls. ⁣

But a nature's way leads to us too. Us. This physical body, a container for our spirit. ⁣

Just like with so much of what we have been conditioned to do, we disregard what we already call our own and are dear to us.⁣

It is a coping mechanism and false sense of safety when we hide our gifts we will not be hurt or attacked.⁣

We say our craft isn't good enough compared to another person's talent.⁣

But remember, you do not compare an oak with the bamboo.⁣

If you have not been treating yourself with reverence this is a reminder to you.⁣

You are a vision keeper and light leader. Your art is just the beginning of your untapped mystical powers.⁣

This is the core of my work and what I stand for: I lead creative women to feel so comfortable in the space of the Great Mysterious Unknown. ⁣

I lead them to awaken deep self-love so they REMEMBER their powerful gifts to light up and make an impact in the world, in their very own way.⁣

You are the artist of your life. Your life is your masterpiece. ⁣

The way you create art is the way you create life. They are not and have never been separate.⁣

⚡👩‍🎤 Goddess, it is time to own your worth.⁣

🔥🔥 Do you have a burning desire to make an impact and create a life that you are born to have?⁣

☄ This is YOUR time to shift into the realms of limitless potential where you’ll be sharing your unique voice and creating massive impact with power and poise. 💎⁣

☎️ Apply for a free Heart-to-Heart call now 💌 to get a personalised roadmap to guide you to connect with your divine purpose and show up fully unapologetically. ⁣

🧜‍♀️ Book a call - link is in my bio. ⚡⁣






Be you, be love, set yourself free. It is all here for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣




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