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What Happens In A Tea Ceremony?



I answer that above 👆👆 and also want to elaborate more here so you can fully understand why it is so important to share Tea and balance that with sitting with your own company as well.⁣


"As you allow stillness to permeate your life, you more and more recognise the movement towards softness, and you grow more and more sensitive. The breath naturally becomes softer and softer as the mind quietens - it does this, not you. It is a natural movement of Nature, requiring no human intervention. You just observe - be an open space, awareness - ready for whatever arises, like the empty cup. Your mind may wander. Let it. There is nothing to do... just be and let whatever happens occur on its own. Tea can be a great aid in cultivating outer quietude and inner stillness." ⁣

~ Wu De, Zen & Tea One Flavour ⁣


When I hold space with Tea, I like to emphasise the weaving of this mandala of love, no matter our physical distance. Time and time again, the energetics born from this mandala proves that our psychic abilities can transcend virtual experiences and create something beautiful yet unfathomable. ⁣


I love sitting with all my Tea sisters and brothers to receive different wavelengths and exchange ideas and learn from each and everyone of them. When I first came to Cha Dao, I was very eager to serve. My Tea sister, who first introduced me into this world of Tea, said to me: "Just learn to receive Tea. Receive Her to understand Her first before serving."⁣


Today, meeting Henry and Master Lin, two figures so prominent in @globalteahut's community, I was once again welcomed to go often to learn to understand Tea fully by drinking and receiving. ⁣


We all have received some amazing juju from different chajins. I am eternally grateful for these encounters, for they are precious and always only ever happens once and for the first and last time. ⁣


I would love to share Tea in the graceful presence of stillness, love and gratitude with you, so if you are called to explore the world of Cha Dao with me, link is in my bio.

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With unconditional love, I am here for you. 💙

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