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What Cha Dao has Taught Me

Something magical happens when I started practising tea as Dao or the Way of Life – I can truly feel Her coursing through my every fibre, colouring my perceptions, calming my impatience, lulling my anxieties. How often have we all unconsciously forgotten to honour this very moment, the presence of the present moment? How often have we known fully well that we would like to cherish our guests, loved ones who share space and time with us, and yet, we thoughtlessly choose to snap at them or turn to our phones, our television, our iPad? I know I have been guilty of this for sure – someone I loved was right by my side, and yet I chose to ignore them for something else ignoble or inanimate. Making space for tea and creating a new #chaxi every single sit has allowed me to breathe in the thoughtless ways I may ignore more real, heartfelt things; staying with Tea as I make each brew for the guests has also taught me that every bowl in every ceremony is never going to be the same – it used to ache my heart to think of life's transience, but I can now at least steep in this sadness and then be uplifted by the wonderful song of #chadao, The Way that She teaches me that every moment is a precious miracle and that we are all already living in miracles, surrounded by miracles. 💫💫🕊🕊🌿🌿🍃🍃

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