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What Are We Here For?

What are we here for?⁣

I have asked this question since I could remember. ⁣

Running across a field of grass under the sun, legs carrying me through the voices of children like me all around me, and as the voices began to melt away into a blur, my heart soared into the sky and met the sun and clouds and I was dancing, dancing among the shimmery Oneness...⁣

And then when I fell, when I heard their jeers, saying I am weird, an odd one, I was struck to the core. ⁣

Feeling deeply and caring too much had been my woe of existence for a long time.⁣

In hindsight, time and time again it is my greatest teacher and reveals of my soul purpose. ⁣

The truth, none of our choices ever comes with a guarantee. ⁣

At every moment that we live, we are also walking alongside death.⁣

Through the toughest darkest moments, the more certain you become that this is so worth it, all of it - you will keep creating.⁣

I am not here because it has been easy.⁣

I am here because I choose to believe in this work, everyday.⁣

Making it my devoted path to be ever fluid, ever the student and ever the leader who leads herself first. ⁣

Staying the course no matter what.⁣

Feeling so deeply and caring too much have to be chosen as my superpowers instead of challenges.⁣

Hiring a mentor who embodies her work when I am expanding, instead of when I "need help".⁣

Working with mentors who massively expands my context and personal growth.⁣

Seeing the bigger context, plugging into that vision every single day when there is zero momentum.⁣

Learning to communicate with clients, my family, aspiring clients and loved ones as well as friends, in the times when I am stripping off so much of my old as I uplevel to embody this woman that I truly am...⁣

Remembering to choose again and again to be the one who created her life the way she wants to live it, embracing her greatest fears and challenges as everything that happens in her favour, even though she could not see it in the moment how.⁣

And these are the women I am calling in.⁣

📿 At Mystery’s Gate ⛩⁣

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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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