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What Are The Three Treasures?

Getting to know our Three Treasures ※ san bao (三寶) ※⁣

Jing ☯️ spirit-mind · 精 · the root source, our vital organs, the living foundation of life -think blood flow and our reproductive organs - that is broken into two parts. Pre-Heaven Jing (xian tian zhi jing, 先天之精), the “essence of early Heaven" which is believed to be predetermined at birth, and Post-Heaven Jing (hou tian zhi jing, 後天之精) or “essence of later Heaven", something we can nourish through our lifetime. ⁣

Qi ☯️ Energy · 氣 · all movement and transmogrification in the Universe is conducted by Qi. Qi activates, warms, protects, transforms and contains. ⁣

Shen ☯️ Spirit · 神 · resides in the heart and can be seen through the eyes. All thoughts, intentions and feelings influence the Shen. ⁣

Three ceremonial-grade wild grown and biodiverse Tea that honour these treasures will be wrapped with care for the sacred gift kit that is going out for the virtual Mountain Retreat, starting January 23. ⁣

Registration closes January 17, midnight. Please join us for a lot of presence, poetry and ceremonial connection. 🤍🌟🍃

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