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Wabi Sabi: Beauty In Simplicity

· Yūgen ·⁣

I have held you in my hands before⁣

and now I hold you like it is the first time.⁣

Dust always gathers ⁣

Decay eventually sets in.⁣

Let the sunlight burn through the silvery cobwebs of heartaches and ennui.⁣

Your spirit shall rise⁣

And dance along the shadows of mysterious love.⁣

Let Tea pour into your cup⁣

Let the waterfalls sing the song you have forgotten⁣

So you could remember ⁣

How it is to empty out⁣

And Let the stream flow.⁣

See through eyes of a spotless mind

See beyond the skin and mask;⁣

Read the blueprints of each soul who moves across the pages of our story.

Let Tea's quiet grace

Fill your heart up⁣

And illuminate your soul.⁣

The sun and moon are in you ⁣

So shine my loves. Shine even in your darkest hour ⁣

Because you know you are that light;⁣

That you already and eternally walk with the Universe · the Dao · within you.⁣


In awe of the ageless teachings of impermanence and the beauty that lies in simplicity. I still feel its evanescence impenetrable, but every day I feel as though I am also inching ever closer to the heart of it as I journey across the Dao with Tea Ceremonies that break my heart open every single time.⁣

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