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Virtual Tea Circle, Every Sunday: In Meditation

※ S I T T I N G | W I T H | T H E | U N K N O W N ※

From May 10 onwards, it is my pleasure to invite you into this ※ virtual ※ space, where I hope to hold for you so we can drink Tea by removing our egos and identities, and get out of our own way to let the flow of the Universe stream fluently. Tea allows us to let go and let flow, to get out of the way so that the Universe can get to work for our highest good. In this intimate setting we can come together with love, for in silence held like this there is an invisible force that binds hearts, without much need of mere introductions. We can share reflections and even poetry like the old sages used to do as they poured Tea and took sips in contemplation.

Our Tea teacher Wu De wrote in Tea Medicine, "Sometimes you may feel as if your meditation is blissful, but that peace is soon forgotten when you get into traffic. Tea helps bridge ordinary life. As they say, 'if you have problems, drink Tea; if you don't have problems, drink Tea!' Tea can be a celebration of our life from the mundane to the sacred space or help translate the sacred space into our ordinary day." Picture this: these Tea leaves are from the mountains, where air is untainted, and roots of the trees reach deep into the soil, and these leaves encapsulate the rain, clouds, sunlight and stars and moonlight. This means you can meditate and go quantum and shift your consciousness to become open minded and open hearted to infinite answers, deepen your spirituality with it, and you can also use it as an anchor to the present moment. For me, Tea is able to translate the sacred space into my everyday life. There is something bigger than us at work here, The Universe, that keeps our blood pumping, the seasons turning. If we could remember how it is like to act from within, from Nature's way, we would find peace and so many things we so desperately want to control, just seem so unnecessarily magnified.

No prior Tea ceremony experience is required. Just come as you are, or sit in silence with your favourite leaves in a bowl, or simply hot water. Please RSVP for ZOOM link (here for May 10). I look forward to welcoming you and sitting with you to share Tea. 🌿

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