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Virtual Tea Ceremony Meditations Offerings This June

//J U N E\\ O F F E R I N G S || in the{vir·tual}space of *Zoom* ➰☯️➰. . .

◇ June 5 ※ Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius, 1pm BST

◇ June 7 ※ Sunday Six Virtual Tea Circle, 9am BST

◇ June 8 ※ Finding Calm Joy Tea Ceremony Meditation, 7.30am BST (this is something new I am trying out and intend to do more often. more dates to come depending on demand 🙏)

◇June 21 ※ New Moon in Cancer, 1pm BST 🌿

⛩ We walk through the proverbial dewy path (roji) of the Zen Garden and enter through the tiny door (nijiriguchi) into the Tea space. When we pass through that door we all become one, with no identity, rank, or difference of opinions. We are all here for one purpose and one intention, which is to drop our guards and open our hearts. All beings are welcomed. No prior Tea ceremony experience is required. rsvp links are in my bio. I look forward to receiving your presence 🕊🍃

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