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Lighting Up The Wise Woman Within

Oh wise woman

Our inner mother

I am calling you forth

In each and every woman.

Oh wise woman

Embrace us in your unconditional love

As we behold you in awe.

Let us remember our sovereignty

Our unique spirits

Beauty that knows no definition.

May we stake our claims with harmony

Patient in the unknown;

forward in times of dominion and action.

Carry us with your intuition and grace

So that we can remember who we are

Through the Way that runs through our core

And the wisdom that flares within our womb

Down to the sacred space of our yoni.

May our every curve and scar be honoured

With the wide open stream of our heart.

And all who comes to hear our voice

Will bow deep in reverence at the stillness that reverberates beyond

To the higher being,

The divine Dao who lives on

Enlivened by our return to our soul.

May we never abandon ourselves again

May we never bend at the will of another ever again.

🤍📿 dreamers, set your boundaries with loving kindness, and send out clear messages of your needs, desires, how you'd like to be met at every turn, and how you would like to be treated and seen and heard.

No one can do this for you. Only you can.

🌕 Honouring the sacred power that lies in non-doing, the lunar and yin wisdom ☯️, in vulnerability, in connection to the divine and intuition 🌕

🌟 And if you need help to get beyond the mind level of recovery, I am available to chat with you on how you can fully heal through embodying the work you have done in recovery.

🥀 If you would like to go on a sacred journey of disordered eating recovery without relapsing and spending years in therapy, you can book in a free Share & Heal Session with me after watching this free training here.

🌊 The 6-month programme is designed to

get you from fearing weight gain, obsession with food, destructive loop of negative self-talk, relapsing over and over again to 🦚 empowering you with tools and practices that can be applied throughout the day while doing the inner work to help you...

👉🏻 make peace with food

👉🏻 get out of the restrictive eating rollercoaster for good,

👉🏻 eat without any guilt

👉🏻 be guided forever intuitively.

🧝🏻‍♀️ I am not your average psychotherapist 😉 as I love weaving together the intricate threads of healing in the world outside and within us through the emotional, spiritual and psychosomatic portals.

💗 Limited spots because it is powerfully centred upon 1:1 sessions and unconditional faith + love 🤍💫

Apply through here or link in bio 😌🍃👇🏻⁣⁣


Warmest Love,⁣

LiYing 💗

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