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Transform Your Pain Into Your Purpose

I was chewing and spitting food whilst working in a job I absolutely felt like a failure from 9am to 11pm.⁣

I was dreaming about food and surfing the Internet for food blogs and recipes. ⁣

I truly believe now that my history of eating disorders is truly a spiritual blessing and the gift I had asked from my divine Creator.⁣

Because now that I have found the most elegant and graceful, easeful way to fully embody my authentic self and heal from ten years of struggling with food and hating the way I looked, I am certain that all women who are suffering from the debilitating constraints that hold them back from living fully and eating guilt-free is a high threshold and firm belief in that nothing worth having should come easy,  and that everything we receive we need to overcompensate by overgiving.⁣

After my own recovery as well as helping other women to dismantle self-objectification and sabotage, I am here to tell you that it is simply not true!⁣

I have been told to strip it back, pare it down.⁣

I have been told to hide away what I hold dearest to my heart.⁣

My sensitivity first.⁣

And the last straw - my medicine and what I was burning to share with the world.⁣

In the end it is all about the numbers.⁣

Wait, I mean - it is all about giving away the permission to be to numbers.⁣

It is time to rise and say that this is not okay. ⁣

The truth is,  when we release the toxic expectations we have on our bodies and what that means to us, we can radically shift into a life of true freedom. ⁣

We begin to see love and receive good things with grace, shame-free.⁣

We begin to show up brighter and in a powerful place. ⁣

You don't have to be bitter and angry at the system, at your family, at your friends on diet, to heal.⁣

You can be in touch with your intuition and be able to put a foot down and set boundaries with grace and love. ⁣

You can be unapologetically you.⁣

Your happiness is unaffected by and independent of external circumstances. ⁣

And you will deeply, deeply love yourself fully and unconditionally.⁣

The truth is only a very small percentage of women fully embody their true magnificence and recover their relationship with their body from the old karmic wounds and socially conditioned beliefs because it takes faith in themselves to start.⁣

But when they do they unlock their gifts and shine their light to the world.⁣

Will this be you?⁣

If it is a yes, head to the link in my bio to schedule a free energetic analysis. ⁣

No strings attached. No hardcore sales. Simply love. Let's get into a heart-to-heart conversation, precious one ✨💖 ⁣

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