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To decolonise the soul

To decolonise the soul...⁣

We often believe that to better ourselves we have to look at others deemed better and do what they are doing.⁣

I used to think that way and had spent my early life in comparisonitis, to the point of anorexia for years.⁣

Constantly plagued by thoughts that picked apart parts of my body that I wanted to discard from me. If I could shrink away into nothingness I would have.⁣

Fully recovered from anorexia, I am often met with skepticism because so much conditioning has been indoctrinated into society that it is almost impossible to come back from eating disorders and live a harmonious life.⁣

And yes that may be true.⁣

But I choose to live full out, and I choose a different reality.⁣

One filled with miracles. ⁣

One filled with an abundance of extraordinary moments in the ordinary.⁣

Every moment I choose this, I am fully committed to love. To self-leadership. And healing just happens as a byproduct. ⁣

That nothingness I so desired to feel in me in those times were in actuality silence of the mind. That nothingness is a remembrance in my cellular memories and unconscious, a nebulous memory of the empty space and vastness of the Universe.⁣

Tea has done something for me, from the very first day I crossed path with her in ceremony. ⁣

I turned inward to listen, and recognised the constellations within me.⁣

What I feel now that is enlivening me and moving me through life is not me. ⁣

It is the wisdom of the cosmos, made manifest as pure spirit.⁣

Every day I walk into the space of Cha Dao to harness the flow of the Dao.⁣

It is often said that you can have cha - the best leaves, the teaware, the room - but you may not have the Dao if you are not willing to listen.⁣

In a Tea Ceremony you are reuniting mind, body and spirit.⁣

The ability to be at one with nature is inherent in us.⁣

To dance with the Leaf and hear the truth of who we are - that every single cell and fibre vibrates at different frequencies, as do the organs and faculties, thus forming this human vessel to feel, sense and experience exponential growth, just like nature that continues to unfold, and grow back after death.⁣

The separate self believes it has to stand alone to be unique. ⁣

But what makes us a Soulful Self - to decolonise the soul - is to liberate the soul from the tight fists of the logical, fearful, overcontrolling mind. ⁣

It is when we truly embody our connection to the divine, the loving presence that is I Am can truly fountain forth and flourish.⁣

So now the question is: will you choose to devote your path to honing you artistry, your sacred work, your craft, no.matter.what? 💙⁣

If your answer is a yes, I would love to have you. In my sacred containers⁣

🧜‍♀️ The Siren Goddess Immersion (upgrade to The Pearl edition is also available now)⁣

☯️ At Mystery’s Gate 1-year Mentorship⁣

I personally walk with you through your own Dao to activate your dreams, and embody your vortex of stillness so that you can live on purpose in your authentic power.⁣

DM me to expand. ⁣



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Be you, be free, it's all available for you, 💋⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

LiYing 📿

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