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To All Who Resonate...

🕯I understand now that as long as I serve from this space, all those who resonate will come and be here.⁣

Not because they have to.⁣

But because they heard the call.⁣

🎋 I started out in service following the guidance of Tea Spirit. ⁣

Staying in the hallowed and expansive space of the heart. 💗⁣

☯️ Trusting the wind to carry my Dao into the hearts of those whose time has come.⁣

🌈 I continue to follow in my heart's rainbow path, sprinkling stardust as I go for anyone who wishes to come along to find me.⁣

🌕 M A N D A L A 🌌⁣

📿 Receive full-length recordings of Tea Ceremonies and more every week when you sign up for the Mandala membership. ⁣

In the mystery of the mandala of love that we weave with life, love and ego-less existence, transcendence, an uplevelling, begins to happen.⁣




. ⁣

PS ~ Want to dive deeper with me? I have been guided to lead 1:1 in a 3-month container beginning June 2021 for anyone who feels called to receive the blessings of the Way of Tea. ⁣


If it feels aligned, please reach out. I am looking for 5 spectacular souls to begin this very bespoke and unique journey into the veins of the Leaf, into the vast cosmos, into the alchemical Dao. 🌌☯️⁣


If you...⁣

❌ are paralysed by feeling like you are never good enough ⁣

❌ truly believe that you are not good enough to be able to e.g. teach/love/fully live unapologetically ⁣

❌ a burnout achiever who has spent years shut down from emotions and affection ⁣

❌ avoiding the wounds of deeply seated traumas ⁣

❌ have been self-deserting and self-sabotaging and self-abandoning ⁣

I invite you to...⁣

✨ awaken the shaman and Tea sage, high priestess, sorcerer within.⁣

Dm me to schedule in a free 30-minute discovery call 💗🧝🏻‍♀️

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