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Through Tea, Make Friends: Gratitude And Appreciation For The Simple Things In Life

There is a saying to which our teacher often refers: "through Tea, make friends!" ※

I have always been a bit of a lone wolf who felt rather lonely most times. Even when I am in the midst of people, I still felt... alone. That says a lot about the Cancerian ascendant in my astrological chart! That had used to be a source of depression for me often, but the Capricorn (sun) and Sagittarius (moon) sides of me kept me going, and I have grown to be comfortable with being on my own. I usually have no qualms turning down invitations just so I could have some solitude - Something I know many people don't feel comfortable with doing.

But when I started to practise Cha Dao, my perspectives changed entirely. I have abused my body and mistreated my mind for years; I have moved countries several times in my life, but this time, it feels different. This time I feel connected all the time, even when I am sitting alone in reverent stillness with Tea. I feel so connected with all my fellow Tea siblings, with whom I have only thus far met between screens and have sat together numerous times without much said about our backgrounds, job titles, all those things we usually turn to on preliminary terms when we are first introduced. I love how we all could pick up the weaves of the mandala of love and just keep weaving alongside each other, united by our love for Tea, connected through the spiritual and medicinal ally that is the blessed Tea Spirit. She has awakened gratitude in me first, and with absolute trust and surrender I have received Her in the home that I call my heart. I have made friends with myself. Now, I find blessings in the smallest gestures, the simplest things - the postman, the daisies that are blooming in the garden; these friendships that I have had the good blessings to forge; this union with my team of Spirit Guides, and my Highest Self, with whom I sit with Tea every day so that when I serve Tea, I embody Her. This practice continues to teach me to be Her, every precious moment that I live between Heaven and Earth. ☯️ If you feel called to cultivate this Zen state of mind, join me in Tea Ceremony in which devotion to this practice can begin to take root. 🌿🕊

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