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Releasing The Hold Of An Eating Disorder Past

I've been going back a lot lately,⁣

To a time before Tea. ⁣

How I decided to cut cords with the inner critic inside my head⁣.

The voice that said I did not deserve to be loved because I was so ugly and fat;⁣

I did not deserve to eat because I was not working out hard enough.⁣

I hid away.⁣

I was ashamed of the changes my body was going through.⁣

Those nights when I continuously recited the Louise Hay mantras⁣

And scrawled words of affirmations across my journal.⁣

Those nights when I looked out of my tiny flat's window and wished for love, love so divine it will be like a reunion with a soulmate;⁣

Love for my body that would sweep me off my feet to the moon where I commune with my luna-lit soul.⁣

My body in the meantime was bloated and ballooning with the permission I gave myself⁣

To release and let go, to let flow to go with what feels good completely ⁣

No compromise, no standing back when fear strikes the heart.⁣

I trod on and stuck to my beliefs that all that I wished for was waiting for me.⁣

In the twists and turns of the path in the woods, I met Tea Spirit.⁣

She began to teach me⁣

How to sit in stillness ⁣

To let my fragmented consciousness all come into harmony in Nature's course.⁣

The Dao within me comes into presence. ⁣

I show up everyday to purify myself of my ego.⁣

Clarity shows up every time in quietude and grace.⁣

Now I ride on waves and fall in the wakes ⁣

Fully relishing the moment as it is.⁣

See now⁣

Wholeness is already living in us. ⁣

These Tea leaves bridges the Connection between the body and spirit ⁣

Heaven and Earth⁣

Turning us inward ⁣

To mirror the eternal being that is us.⁣


🍃 precious beings, I hope that by sharing my personal journey you too will see hope in yours. Everyone can walk the Dao and find eternal Oneness, tranquillity and calm joy. I wish to announce that I will be launching A Space To Be Circle in 2021. A space to be, to surrender the impulse to do, to come into the sacred spaces where ancient trees stand, and remember there is no need for names or labels. This sacred space within where we remember the power of being. Please DM me if you're interested in being the first to know. 😌

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