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This Mercury Retrograde & Solar Eclipse: Join Me For A Sacred Tea Ceremony in Edinburgh (virtual)

As Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer, there is a potent opportunity for us all to concede to this amorphous force in the air that begs us to slow down and listen with compassion.⁣⁣


Guan Yin, or Kannon, the Goddess of Compassion, has often come into our minds and hearts in recent times. Now more than ever, her energy is omnipresent. ⁣⁣


May her loving nature (as her full moniker in Chinese, Kuan Shi Yin Pusa, means "The One who Listens to all the Sounds of the World") allow us all to listen without judgement. May we stay our course in the light and do the work to show loving kindness and the face of compassion in the hardest moments. ⁣⁣


I will be steeping in Her energy along with Tea Spirit this Sunday as the New Moon moves into Cancer, as we dance through the doors of Summer Solstice, and as we witness a solar eclipse that urges us to deepen our shadow work. A portal is open - now is the time to muster the courage to step right through. There is no turning back. Let's rise together. 🧡🕊⁣⁣


I am finding my city dwelling boots in most parts of Edinburgh's nature walks these days and am finding that incredibly grounding and transcendent at the same time. I turn to Tea with gratitude as I can always come home to my Inner Being through the Way of Tea. Yesterday, I wrote this message to my incredible group of @pause_place course mates: "I know that oftentimes we tend to pick up our phones at the behest of a text message or a call, and perhaps absentmindedly, would put the phone back down with a quick glance or have a perfunctory read of the message and tell ourselves we would get back to it later (how many times do we actually do that though?), and at this moment I am feeling so much preciousness in all of the words that are coursing through this screen, this unique collision of energies that only happens once. ⁣⁣


There is a saying in the teachings of Cha Dao that goes: ichie go ichi, which means one chance, one encounter. Even if we meet again in the same place, we would never be the same person for it would not be the same time ever again."⁣

How are you slowing down and burrowing into your inner stillness? 🌿🐚

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