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This Is My Great-grandmother

1️⃣ This is my great-grandmother. ⁣

She ran away from her homeland, China, because she refused to accept her fate of having had to bind her feet (in those days, girls of a certain class had their feet bound as it was synonymous to sophistication, beauty and class, thanks to some crazy idea born out of an empress who was famous for her dainty feet. Ps 💕 who dictates these sh*t? A really good question upon which we can all reflect for all societal standards of beauty).⁣

Now, she is a true inspiration to me, even though I hardly knew her. She passed away when I was very young, even though many would say she lived a full life to a ripe old age.⁣

And yet I feel her spirit with me, more recently than ever.⁣

I feel called to write about her, her fortitude and how she escaped the troughs of a life confined to rules, and went to Malaysia to forge a new life of her own with her godmother. ⁣

There is so much more yet to uncover, but from this portion of her story, I have already gained much clarity and strength to carry on my own soul purpose. ⁣

🪶 I break out of boxes. I like to forge new things and create rules of my own.⁣

And yet for years, I restricted myself and shrunk my body just to fit what I thought was beautiful, a concept created from the eyes of others.⁣

What a relief it is that I woke up from this show. It is still the longest running show ever in this dimension, but I am so done with playing a part in this mirage of standardised "good" and "gorgeous". ⁣

Now, I would rather let my actions that come from a deep space of freedom and stillness be the guiding light.⁣

I am only interested in giving you the keys to unlocking your own presence and intuition through reconnection of body (heart), mind and spirit (breath).⁣

Instead of constantly relying on external validations and asking for permission to be, wouldn't it be nice to tap fully into your true worth, be happy and at peace?⁣

I know I am going about doing things unlike the conventional way, but as I continue to work with more precious beings and see the healing that occurs through the process, I know that this is working and needs to be shared with the world.⁣

🥀 Please do yourself a favour and give yourself the sweet chance to break the cycle of restrictive eating. ⁣

Know that it can simply begin with this webinar that I have recorded, just for you. All you need is an open mind. ⁣

If you have struggled for years with your relationship with food and your body, then please know that this is going to change everything. I believe it will. I hope it will.⁣

❤ Access the free webinar through >> << ❤ ⁣

2️⃣ me, my vessel, this body I call home; my face, my love, channelling all the love in the world to you, through my gaze. 🕊🤍

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