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There Is Nothing Here For You

A monk was standing on the stairs leading to the temple in which he resides.⁣ A harried-looking man ran up the steps to the monk and breathlessly, he exclaimed, "Are you a monk?"⁣ "And so it would seem," The monk stopped sweeping the steps and looked at the man as he answered with a wisp of a smile.⁣ "Which sect are you from? Which temple? This one? How long have you been a monk? Who is your master? Who is your teacher?"⁣ "Amitabha, fellow friend. Do the answers matter to you for it seems your mind is already so full of itself."⁣ "Of course! Look here monk-looking man! If you are a master you wouldn't have the time of the day sweeping the steps. You would tell me how many years of experience you have and boast about your Zen master! What lineage are you from? I have a lot of research to do and no time to listen to your nonsense. If you are not qualified you are best to remove yourself and invalidate whatever words you are going to set forth to me. By God, monk-man! I am a certified professor with very professional qualifications. I am highly qualified so you must lead me to your teacher at once. No time to lose!"⁣ The monk said nothing in reply. The wisp of a smile continue to play upon his serene face. ⁣ The man placed one foot forward.⁣ The monk turned around and continued up the stairs back into the temple.⁣ The man continues to shout after him and all around him for attention. ⁣ Standing on the top of the stairs, the monk smiled and said, "dear man, I am no master for I bend my knees before them every day at the altar. I am not qualified but I am willing to learn. I rescinded all beliefs because beliefs are limited. And I am willing to cross fires for all those who wish to stand shoulder-by-shoulder, instead of pitting against one another. Don't you see fallen trees lending nutrients to those that are thriving? Don't you see that nature is you and you are nature? If you don't then do I think you are not qualified to be human? I am flawed, dear man. There is nothing here for you if you insist on seeing separation."⁣ The monk withdrew.⁣ .·.⁣

Sending love and thanks to the critics and judgy naysayers. I have nothing here for you. 🕊🌬

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