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The Way Of Tea: Meditation For Calm Joy

"All those people are running to and from some place, their minds quickened as they hurry to get something done and in that state they don't realise that such peace lies just fifty feet away - just a simple right turn and they could share this Calm Joy. Then, when they returned to all those jobs that needed done, they would be better workers, parents, or students  having found a bit of calm intention to approach the day." Don't miss that right turn, my friend.⁣

~ The Way of Tea by Wu De 🍃⁣


Let these words lead you by the hand to Tea's magical kingdom. Tomorrow and every Thursday, find Calm Joy with me in a Tea Ceremony held in the virtual space of Zoom at 7.30am BST // 2.30pm MYT. Link in my bio to sign up 🌊🍃〰️〰️🕊🙏🏻⁣


Chabu handmade by my mum. DM to see our private collection. 🧡

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