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The Way of Tea: Cha Dao and The Universe As One

When I first felt into the energy of the name When Still Waters Speak for my service of Tea, it felt so right because it mostly resonated with the way I always felt when I sat and received Tea. I wasn't serving back then when the name came to me, but now that I am fully in service, it feels so perfectly at home. I continue to be the student of Tea forever, and in the course of deepening my study I ran into this text by Wu De in The Way of Tea: "This natural course through which all things move – the entirety of all the eddies in this great current we call a Universe – is what the ancients called 'the Way (Tao)'. Like water, all events have a natural, innate predisposition to flow in a particular direction, including the lives of people. The Tao, then, is also the "Way" that a person achieves an accord with that river, for whether we fight the current or not, it carries us forward nonetheless. And yet, the man who turns about and acts in concordance with the river's weight, acts with all its tremendous power surging through whatever he does. Thus, the Tao represents the ineffable, indescribable totality of the river – the movement of the entire cosmos itself – and also the way that one living being, on one small planet, might find a graceful accord with each step in its dance: as the Tao leads, we follow." 🕊 And that is the dance across the Universe, with Tea Spirit, ever the graceful partner. I honour you, beloved Tea, and I honour you, my Tea friends, for making time to step into this sacred space and flow with me. 💛🍃 Next free Tea sit comes with a Zoom link so please feel free to pop your email address over and you will get a better widescreen experience should you prefer that over Instagram Live. I will still be here on Live as well as Facebook at 3.30pm GMT. We shall all come to the Reawakening on that soulful Friday. Till then. 🍃

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