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The Void Early Bird Doors Are Open

The Void is where everything is disintegrating. Falling apart. Breaking away. To sit in this Void is the ultimate, intentional Way to transform your life and emerge Anew.⁣

🌕 Remaining in the Void of No-thingness is crucial to anchoring in your expansion and ascension. ⁣

And yet it goes against the grain of everything we are being taught to be in today's disposable and high-achieving society. ⁣

In the past year, I have seen so clearly how panic and survival have kept humanity in a state of complete lockdown, energetically and physically. ⁣

You find yourself guided to speak to someone or reach out to a spirit guide because this is your soul crying for help. ⁣

Answering to this may feel scary because it requires releasing many things you used to believe - and beliefs are truly merely self-limitations.⁣

Answering to this call to rise to your true magnificence is going to ask you to release some false ideas you have cultivated for so long.⁣

What happens when you force your way out of the Void? You might recognise some of these...⁣

Quitting one job and going into another, only to find yourself managing the same problems and same dramas...⁣

Going from one lover to another and then to your horror, you find yourself stuck in the same toxic relationship...⁣

Getting all the tools and techniques of manifestation and law of attraction but you still can't seem to bring any of your dreams and visions into reality...⁣

Ever feel like "that was me, but I am not that version anymore."⁣?

Are you feeling responsible for alleviating the sufferings of others?⁣

Confused by the silence whenever you pray for help on how you could embody that new version of you?⁣

Wondering about how you could anchor in your new expanded version and rise to show up fully?⁣

Every level calls in a different version of you.⁣


🌬 THE VOID is open for early bird registration now, with payment plan option and 1·1 VIP upgrade available. ⁣

🍃 Information of all the gifts you will get when you sign up 👇🏻

DM me your questions if you have any. I would love to chat with you 🤍🕊

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