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The Veins In Her Leaf

Can you hear Her stories through the veins in Her leaf?⁣

The soul of the earth that reaches through the roots and into the bark and up to the very tip of each foliage...⁣

I am in awe⁣

In space⁣

In nature⁣

We are one⁣

There is no comparison made⁣

There is a place for every unique turn of a petal⁣

A leaf⁣

A grace ⁣

That only God can create⁣

And take away again with one mighty swipe of the wind⁣

The rain⁣

The flash storm.⁣

And then⁣

The sun that always shines through⁣

The sun who never breaks a promise ⁣

Will let us forget about the past⁣

In awe ⁣

All in awe⁣

Of the present moment. ⁣

This is the magic of a Tea Ceremony. ⁣


The Chaxi of Spring: The Dewy Path In A Bowl 3-week Retreat begins February 27. Honouring this mandala of love that we will be creating together, you will also receive a gift box that includes living, clean Tea steeped in ancient wisdom and incense + incense bowl, handmade by @UmeIncense. ⁣

We start on the day of a full moon in Virgo ♍ and Chap Goh Meh day 🍊🧧⁣

Register now via link in bio 👇🏻🌿👇🏻.

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