The Ugly Truth About Self-Love

🥀 Self-love gets thrown around a lot. ⁣

I have come to know self-love with an equal measure of self-curiosity.⁣

I believe that when we all take away the flavourings of judgement and add in a whole spoonful of compassion, we can return to self-love, always.⁣

🥀 Self-love is a heavy loaded word, but crucial to realising our true authentic self. Oftentimes, it gets tricky because we are not quite ready to accept all of us - the parts we want to keep secret as well as the parts that we are proud to own. It is our willingness to sit with our shadows that leads to true alchemy. ⁣

When we come face-to-face with habits that are beginning to take over us, running our lives on our behalf, it is a time to really take a good look and ask yourself: what does it take for you to release this [insert addictive behaviour]?⁣

🌿 Quoting Rikyu: " [Chanoyu] is nothing more than lighting a fire, boiling water, and drinking tea. There should be nothing else. It is just because of this that the Buddha-Mind becomes manifest... imagine your life without tea, and if it’s any different than it is now, you don’t understand tea."⁣

This is what stills me and centres me in my own truth. ⁣

When I can live without it and still practise the teachings that come from the mind-body-spirit cultivation with Tea; when what we love is so mundane and yet lends us a source of energy that is calming and inspiring us to be a purer and freer, simpler and more joyful version of ourselves - daily devotion and commitment to returning to this sacred space you have put together and harnessed will eventually give you the strength to find that same space within you. ⁣

Recovery is not going to happen on your terms, in one linearity. Neither is it going to happen overnight.  ⁣

Patience and compassion are key here. That means taking the tiniest steps and bigger leaps when you are ready. It means never judging or badgering yourself. It means celebrating every step as a win because damn it, you are absolutely worth it. This chain of events that take place will add up and become the story of your recovery journey. ⁣

You just have to laugh along with life. This series of dreams and tragicomedy. Laugh along and let go of knowing-it-all and righteousness, and see where you end up. What's it going to cost you anyway? 🫂🤗⁣


Precious being, I am opening up space again for March and April intake for my disordered eating mentorship. ⁣

It is by invitation only so please book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session with me to map out your challenges and see if we are a good fit to work together. ⁣

I don't know where you will end up, but I do know where we can start with 100% commitment from both of us. 🕊🍃


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