The Ugly Confrontational Truths

Back home, there would always be a cauldron of soup waiting for us, made for hours by my grandmothers from both sides of the family.⁣⁣


My grandmother from Fujian would make a herbal chicken soup that is dark as liquorice in colour. My grandmother from Guangzhou would have all sorts of varieties, from ABC soups to lotus root soup, from bird's nest on very special occasions, to pig's brain for the day before our big examination day.⁣⁣


Back then, I took it for granted. Because it was always there, we took it as a mainstay, knowing so little of the time and effort and the preciousness of the essence of nature and love that each soup contained.⁣⁣


Sitting with Tea in Ceremony often times is filled with beauty and peace, but there are also times when we are asked to come face-to-face with some ugly truths, our fears, and confrontational narratives. There is nowhere to hide for we are truly travelling into the unknown, but we emerge knowing that we are always guided by the great Dao.⁣⁣


This assurance is truly ineffable. I am enveloped in quiet bliss often in this moment of realisation, tears welling up in my eyes with so much gratitude. I feel the Tea move through every fibre of my being. I am brimming over with gratitude for the presence of all beings with the Ancient Ones and my spirit guides and guardian angels; with whom I have crossed paths in my life and even those who have come before me and after I have long gone from this earth. This is how vastly encompassing the energy of love is, and Tea Spirit facilitates that gently, subtly, nevertheless so powerfully.⁣⁣


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