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The Time Has Come: Divine Feminine Rising

The Great Goddess is love incarnate. 🧜‍♀️⁣

She is the Siren, imbued with mystery and sensuality. ⁣

The Siren swivels heads with an unwavering confidence and love for all beings. She chooses all beings and encounters on her own terms, never attaching any outcomes to victimhood.⁣

She is a wild woman and is living on her own terms.⁣

She is inexorably attractive - and it isn't all down to her appearance. There is a joie de vivre that she exudes, that people can't help by feel drawn to her.⁣

Her power and hold over people were never forced or put on. It came simply by shining all of her radiant light, all divinely her.⁣

Sadly, over time, because of her impenetrable stillness and inexplicable allure, people began to spin tall tales about her.⁣

Stories that villainised her by turning snakes into evil creatures and painting black her nature as a destroyer of life - as she is also the creator of life.⁣

Myths that portrayed her as a dangerous creature of the wild.⁣

She has been ripped apart - so beautiful but heartless, or so terrifying to look you must turn your gaze away when her eyes bear down on you, a woman who adores herself unapologetically is blasphemy, look at her loving her body, it is shameful...⁣

The Siren Goddess was hence buried under the noise of the patriarchy.⁣

Yes that patriarchal thinking. ⁣

❌ That old patriarchal thinking that is killing women softly.⁣

The suppression of women's rites have led to centuries of suppression of women's voice.⁣

This is where you can say, "I have had enough and I am going to claim back my power!" 💢✊🏻💥⁣

Precious one, if...⁣

😭 You’re craving a deeper connection with yourself and others, but you feel trapped in comparisonitis, not enoughness and keeping up with the perfection demands from yourself and others⁣

💀 The craving of what you’re missing comes out as binge eating or shame over your body, not speaking up with work colleagues and friends, and not expressing clear boundaries with your partner about what you need⁣

🤷🏻‍♀️ You still think you need to be fixed to finally be or do something you've always dreamt of⁣

👿 From one treatment to another spiritual guru, it was working for a while and then... it falls flat. You're back at square one⁣

The opportunity to radically shift you to that divine embodiment of love, regardless of how you look, is available for you now, precious being. ⁣

And here is the ultimate key in your hands to the biggest secret of the law of attraction: it is not about how to keep attracting things to you to have a beautiful life. It is about knowing the truth of who you are.⁣

It all starts from radically releasing the “I am not enough” story and shifting into the frequency of a confident, self-assured Goddess who feels deeply worthy and deserving of receiving all things great.⁣

And this time, you get to anchor it in so you become the divine embodiment of your core soulful self. ⁣

Divine woman, 🌟 ⁣

If you're done with struggling and trying to figure it out on your own and you're ready for SACRED and DIVINE TRANSFORMATION, then I invite you to get on a Heart-to-Heart call with me... totally FREE. ✨⁣

The intention of this commitment-free call is to plan out your roadmap to embodying your true authentic self. Don't hesitate. Let's see if we are a good fit to ensure you get your mind, body and soul totally aligned to RECEIVE. 💕⁣



Warmest Love, ⁣

LiYing 🎐

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