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The Stories Of The Leaf

茶 · This might sound controversial, but I love stories of the Tea Leaf.⁣

I love journeying with Tea Spirit as she takes me on a wander when we sit together. ⁣

💎 And I love laying down a crystalline grid around my chaxi · 茶席 · Tea stage · because it plays a symbolic role of my deep embodied journey into my somatic soul.⁣

🍃 I love writing about what I saw with Her on the Way. ⁣

When She shines with purity She shines with so much love for humanity, She does not hold back.⁣

Every time I come to see Her, I am always embraced with such warmth and unconditional love.⁣

Even on days when I am breathless with confusion, when I have tears running down my face. ⁣

She reminds me that the Dao can only be treaded with full acceptance and no judgement for our shadows and darkness. ⁣

She reminds me in the silence of the Dao that when humanity remember their wholeness, it is only through loving all those parts that we shirk and from which we hide.⁣

道 · The Dao that sages and our elders took was a Way that took courage to embody enlightenment.⁣

It is with patience as we journey home through the inner caves of the Mysterious Feminine that we can die away and become mineral, crystals, stones ⁣

魄 · That crystallised soul will cleanse away all the things that do not serve. ⁣

神 · The Soul emerges when the moment is ripe, merges with the Divine Graceful Light that shines from the heavens above, and become free and easy wanderers.⁣

茶道 · And so I take this Way every day when I come to my Tea Space. ⁣

I wander across the wide open field to begin my climb up the mountain. ⁣

Ever so often I see a temple, tolling amidst the cloud hidden trees.⁣

🎋 I've sat in bamboo groves with my Tea guests.⁣

🕯 I have led clients into a small hut on the mountain peak where transformation happens.⁣

🌌 I have shot into the stars and saw past lives.⁣

📿 I feel guided to hold space for distinguished souls in November 2021 who wish to penetrate the vast unknown and enter the Dao by crossing the sacred ritualistic bridges between heaven and earth that are made available to us - namely, Tea, body, mind, breath/Spirit, storytelling. ⁣

Would you like to join me? 🧜‍♀️⁣

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