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The Spirit That Soars And Speaks To Us Through Tea

When the sea breathes one word of love⁣

I know I am flocking back to you ⁣

The sun shifts and slides across my ⁣face

I know not what this means⁣

But my heart⁣

Oh my heart⁣

I remain silent as words cannot say it⁣


I cannot say it out loud.⁣

The effervescent nature of life⁣

How lucky I am to have had my heart broken those many times⁣

Because now I found you⁣

Oh you found me⁣

My beloved ⁣

It is you⁣

Oh it is you.⁣

A book I could not comprehend years ago⁣

Now speaks of my soul word for word.⁣

Do we even truly know ourselves?⁣

In this moment perhaps⁣

In the next ⁣

I wouldn't know.⁣

· 一期一會 ·⁣

Ichi-go-ichi'e ⁣

On the morrow⁣

You shall come again⁣

But I shall not know you⁣

And you me⁣

I shall see your face again⁣

Like I have never seen you before.⁣

The heart feels like it will lose the race to the fiefdom.⁣


I make sense of the Universe from this whole in my heart.⁣

I am still holding the gorgeous presence of the group that gathered for The Dewy Path 3-Week Virtual Retreat. Thank you, thank you, gorgeous beings. There were tears and love, so much love... gratitude bow to all.⁣

🥀 Ichi-go-Ichi'e · 一期一會 · : Stillness In A Sacred Place 3-Week Virtual Shunyata Retreat is open for registration now. ⁣⁣


Like wind-shaken cherry blossoms, petals that fall through diaphanous spring light onto the earth, it happens one time and will not happen in the same way ever again... 🌸⁣⁣


Link in bio to join us. You are so welcome. ⁣⁣


PS ~ I am also developing a monthly membership so you receive channelled Tea Spirit transmissions, and get recordings of Tea Ceremonies delivered to you each week in addition to a live Tea Ceremony together in the mandala of love. ⁣

Sign up link is also in bio. 🍃⁣

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