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The Soul Knows

The soul knows that⁣

To love is to lose⁣

Ourselves ⁣

In desire⁣


In fear⁣


In ecstasy ⁣


In stories that we have been telling ourselves⁣

And stories untold ⁣

And the patterns of another one's life⁣

Weaving into ours.⁣

That's how love expands ⁣

Our hearts⁣

Our souls⁣

Our minds cannot comprehend ⁣

The boundlessness of such an extraordinary, immense power⁣

It is the air that is in constant transmutation⁣

It is the water that flows through sticks and stones⁣

It is the fire that ravages everything ⁣

It is the wood that gives us a solid ground on which to walk⁣

It is the metal that is alchemised by centuries of pull and push of the wonders of this earth's energetics.⁣

To linger on one's skin is a privilege ⁣

Just as it is to love⁣

And be loved ⁣

How can we ever then take love for granted?⁣

🧡 ⁣

May we all be able to experience the union of like-hearted souls, to have the pleasure to journey alongside love in all its forms and formlessness. May we all come together to share Tea, in silence, and allow our bodies to step into this sacred space illuminated by the energies of Mother Gaia and the intelligence of the Universe, and for the heart to open and the soul to light up. Link in my bio should you like to open up to Presence and Love through Cha Dao with me. 🌟🕊🌿

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