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The Sacred Arts Apprenticeship


Sinking deep into the earth⁣

Earth in my hands⁣

I feel the sacred sands slip through my fingers⁣

The leftover roots, the mud, the sludge⁣

Of centuries old.⁣

The mystic understands⁣

There is no separation ⁣

Everything leads into and out of one Dao.⁣

Duality falls away;⁣

It is only when we turn inward to meet stillness can we open the Chambers of our hearts and see to the innermost depths of the soul - what the Sufis call the "heart of hearts".⁣

Here, the great Beloved takes the form of nothingness. ⁣

It is only when we turn inward that we enter the sacred space,⁣

The single Source,⁣

Of the Dao,⁣

Where there is no form⁣

No mind⁣

No name⁣


Turning inward we turn away from the world of dust⁣

The external voices⁣

The Ego⁣

Only to be close to our Highest Self⁣

Pure and in harmony⁣

Prepared to receive.⁣


I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of words and silence, about the spaces that I so love to hold for you. ⁣

So, whatever I do is aligned with my soul as well as yours. Energy goes in multiple dimensions and directions. ⁣

My soul soars at the thought of empowering you with the practices and rituals you can carry with you in your fluid soul's expansion forever.⁣

To see you grow and flourish and shine with the brightness that is deeply within you. Nothing compares to the way we, as multidimensional beings living in a human existence, are uplifted by love. The limitlessness of love lives within our soul, and the love is not limited by our physical being. ⁣

Humans have the rituals and practices that call us back home to this mandala of love. ⁣

For me, I found it in the sacred art of Cha Dao. ⁣

And I want to share this transmission with you.⁣

Sacred Arts Apprenticeship waitlist is open. ⁣

DM me if you're interested in learning more.

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