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"The real, deep down you, is the whole universe." ~ Alan Watts ⁣

"The real, deep down you, is the whole universe." ~ Alan Watts ⁣

A shadow walks to the rim of the tea bowl⁣

A shadow who has forlorn scars down his spine and arms⁣

A shadow who is abandoned by friends and family⁣

Who do not understand his darkness and formlessness.⁣

A shadow like this, just like this, walks to the rim of the tea bowl⁣

And looks down to the still water surface ⁣

In despair he seeks⁣

For his reflection ⁣

But it is nowhere to be found.⁣

He puffed out a sigh⁣

A sigh that rippled the surface.⁣

In the ripple he caught a glint⁣

A little wink of life⁣

That he caught on for dear life.⁣

He saw himself in that one ripple⁣

In that wavering motion he found light in his dark silhouette. ⁣

And in deep waters he swims up against beautiful shapes, wavering shadows⁣

That he finds out are actually Tea leaves ⁣

Giving flavour and aroma to what really is pure and soft and colourless.⁣


If every human is an expression of the divine⁣

Would it then be remiss to say when we come to each other ⁣

that we are all destined to find you in me and me in you? ⁣

Tea is life's endless parade in flavour, aroma, shapes and stories and colours.⁣

Sitting between earth and sky⁣

We so often begin our journey on The Way of Tea ⁣

Seeking for an awakening of the heart and mind.⁣

Tea cultivates harmony within us ⁣

With the Universe, to each other, and to Nature.⁣


Join the Spirit Path Tea Circle and allow Cha Dao to gently guide you back, breath by breath, bowl by bowl, to the flow that exists already within our every cell. Virtual offerings are also available. Links in my bio waiting for your journey to unfurl.

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