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The Path To Recovery

The path to recovery is a spiral. I like to envision it as a labyrinth that the spiritual seekers have used for decades. These labyrinths are believed to bring a sense of equanimity and resolution. ⁣

The path to recovery is heartfelt because it asks of us to move away from linear rational thinking, to tuning into that gentle inner guiding voice.⁣

The path to recovery asks of us to shed our armours and drop away our thick skins. To drop away control. To resolve to never self-abandon ever again.⁣

The beauty of dropping control and moving into the flow of the feminine is alluring and freeing.⁣

Incredibly freeing, and like diamonds, your healing comes from the pressure of resistance, of obstacles that you are destined to overcome. ⁣

It is essentially, a rebirth.⁣

I no longer tattoo recovered anorexic on my forehead because that is no longer my story.⁣

I see those years in the wilderness as such. What. A. Gift. ⁣

I see that girl as such a trooper, doing her best to be and right all wrongs, a strong being coming of age to this me now.⁣

I want to share a bit of an experience working with a client with disordered eating.⁣

In week three, she said to me at the end of our session: "I can't believe I have been treating my precious body so badly for so long. I want to love myself and my body as much as I can to make up for it!"⁣

In week four, this client wrote to me: it is hard but I keep reminding myself that it is a sprint, not a marathon.⁣

I welled up in tears reading this message because this was the very same precious being who came to me in week one with low energy and sadness in her eyes. ⁣

I remember telling her what I am going to tell you now: if nothing changes, nothing changes.⁣

There are days when it feels impossible; but the difference that stepping into faith makes is vast.⁣

As we work together energetically, we take all the resistance and acceptance to the body so we can embody all of it - the immense, infinite love, as well as the shaded stories that have been swept in between cavities, forming mental blocks that result in disordered coping mechanisms.⁣

We shed the need to know how. We just need to root into where we can start and go from there.⁣

What will you choose?⁣



I felt called to spend the past few months putting together this free workshop in which I pour my heart out and show you how you can break the cycle of restrictive eating and make peace with your body for good. 🥰❤⁣

You can register for the FREE workshop here now through link in bio or:⁣

See you inside.⁣

Warmest Love,⁣

LiYing 💗

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