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The Paradoxes Of Love

🎐🎋 I ignite your soul 🍃🕊

I walk through centuries of spiralled pathways and labyrinths with you. ⁣

I cannot stand alone⁣

Not without you.⁣

I am moving with the grace of the wind⁣

With the sun-kissed face imprinted upon my memory.⁣

I know I am never alone.⁣

The sun setting in the horizon is beckoning me⁣

To dance with the pampas grass⁣

To skirt around the edges of rocks and cliffs⁣

To be closer to you⁣

Oh divine grace ⁣

Divine presence of God

You are within me.⁣

You are me.⁣

I remember your kiss through the veil of forgetfulness. ⁣

I remember your whispers as soft as the white sand in this beach ⁣

Where I lay my head to rest⁣

And my body came to die.⁣



Wash ashore.⁣

The waves are gently calling for me⁣

Washing me clean.⁣

New and clean like a baby again.⁣

I watch the sun set⁣

Making thousands of little diamonds and jewels of the cresting waves and silently lapping waters.⁣

I taste salt on my lips.⁣

It is you.⁣

It has always been you.⁣


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