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The Four Virtues Of/In Tea: Instagram Live Tea Ceremony

·.· Wa Kei Sei Jaku 和敬清寂 .·. My heart broke open the first time I sat for Tea, and it continues to break open when I intentionally step into this sacred space every time I play host to Tea, my most honoured guest. There are four virtues in Tea – Harmony (wa), reverence (kei), purity (sei), wholeness (jaku). This jaku is a Mystery, a breaking open of the heart. "Jaku is a mystery, an alignment of the heart with the world. It may arise in one of your guests or none of them. It doesn't matter. Over time, Tea will show up and She'll transform you and those you serve. Focus on what you can do, which is cultivate harmony, reverence and purity in yourself and your Tea practice. Having experienced tranquillity, completion and wholeness – jaku – you cannot keep it. This is a tradition of service. It's about what you give. It's about sharing Tea." Wu De, Tea Medicine 🍃 On April 10, 3.30pm GMT/10.30pm HKT I will be here on Instagram Live for The Reawakening, my next #byot tea ceremony where we remove the artifice that are man made and return to what's the simplest. Leaves in a bowl, so that we can commune with Tea Spirit, just as She is. Set your reminder, or DM me if you would much prefer a Zoom link. I look forward to sharing Tea with you 🕊💛🙏

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