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The Energy Codes Certified Facilitator

Over the past weekend, I graduated! 🥳⁣

Yes, I was immersed in energy healing studies in the last few months, and have had the honour to be under the tutelage of Dr Sue Morter, author of The Energy Codes and bioenergetics visionary. ⁣

I have to be upfront and say I have and am not one for certifications.⁣

However, this facilitator programme spoke out to me because the manner in which mind-body-breath are wrapped intrinsically within each other in the Energy Codes have really made me go, I know all this but I can FINALLY now see how they can all work together. ⁣

Having a spiritual backbone is not about having a religion.⁣

Because spiritual conversations have become so polarised, the saddest thing is that great parts of humanity see this as a separate, almost weird and strangely confounding thing.⁣

It makes me laugh now when I see discussions about "Is Spirit real? Do we actually have a Soul?"⁣

When we remain within the physical and dogma, there is a limit to what we can be and do.⁣

When we understand that we are made of the Universe, that our DNA influences our environment and vice versa, we truly hold the key to unlocking our true magnificence.⁣ 🌟

We are here to learn the wisdom our body holds.⁣

To walk into our body everyday and treat it as a sacred temple.⁣

With this beautiful system to enliven our energy circuits, I weave through the ephemeral yet deeply life-changing practice of Cha Dao, symbolism, mysticism, Mythology and traditional storytelling as well as ancestral heirlooms.⁣

Tea ties it all together with Her intrinsic roots in Earth and the Sky.⁣

Through honouring the mystics, shamans and alchemists, we dance in the realms of no dogma or religion, of non-being, non-belief and non-judgement.⁣

We simply remember the pathways of which our souls already know;⁣

Pathways our souls have traversed to come here -⁣

To this one beautiful lifetime.⁣

I am excited to present more offerings that weave all these bridges between heaven and earth together.⁣

For now, I celebrate. ⁣


PS: if you haven't yet, you are so welcome to join a community of beautiful, non-judgemental people in The Sacred Way To Body Acceptance: A Space To Be Free Of Disordered Eating -

Or walk the Dao with me and Tea at Zen Sanctuary For Chanoyu, Cha Dao And Calm Joy.


📸 Viola Klostermann

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