The divinity lives in you

Incense smoke, chants. The temple was sacrosanct in every way, from the bottom of the stone stairs to the top where the deities sat.⁣

In a nook tucked into the left side of the bottom of the temple was an alleyway filled with feng shut masters, diviners, seers and channellers.⁣

The usual way of telling would go, "In ten years' time you are going to be..."⁣

"You will thrive overseas..."⁣

"You should work in law..."⁣

I remember this to be part of growing up in my family. These divination must have determined so many things in our ins and outs.⁣

I have also had tarot card readers who told me things, one of which was that I would be married ten years after the reading - it is a running joke now among the friends who were there with me then because it has come true.⁣

I had also used to wait eagerly on a Facebook Live Reading to ask my questions - will my book get published, will I find a lover...⁣

That sense of losing oneself in another person's affirming words, the cliffhanging nerves that swing like pendulums from dread to relief as I listened...⁣

All of this was all I had to grasp like cold air in my hands before I started to journey upon the Way to become Dao.⁣

The priestess has trained for many lifetimes to work from love to lead beings onto the ascension path.⁣

The realisation that there are many different expressions of Earth, a divined future, based on the state of consciousness and discernment of the channel at that time - is more empowering than disempowering for us all right now. ⁣

No channeller, healer, guru, teacher, mentor can divine your future for you.⁣

What is being tapped into is a time-line - and there is free will in choosing how you would like to live. ⁣

Opening up to allow in your true cosmic magnificence is The Way - so that your soul radiates outward from the space in your heart. ⁣

This is how I guide women to walk the Dao to embody the vortex of stillness - without doctrine or rules, only with discernment that deepens as the gateway to allow in cosmic consciousness widens.⁣

Involution leading into evolution. These are not separate and cannot ever be without each other.⁣

Your body embodies the presence of 5D consciousness when you work with all your faculties - the multi-dimensional bodies, your mind, and spirit. ⁣

Spirit enlivens matter. Without spirit, matter remains lifeless.⁣

You become the vortex of stillness.⁣

You become the self-healer.⁣

You are the the water, you are the metal kettle, you are the fire. ⁣

You are the creatress creating your life in every dimension, every time-line.⁣

This is the spiralling ascension to a higher state of consciousness. ⁣

You embody wisdom.⁣

You breathe the Universe. ⁣

You become Dao.⁣

For you can't know Dao, but you can be it. ⁣

In my work, you will be guided to turn up your light, activate your dreams and live on purpose in your authentic power. DM me for a chat about your vision and see if you're a fit. There is so much waiting for you to make that move. Let's go. 💙⁣⁣