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The Divine Masculine/Feminine: Which Is Better?

There is no either/or when it comes to the divine feminine and masculinity. ⁣

We are both of those energetic beings, just as the sun lights up the moon, and the moon reflects the sunlight.⁣

It is so easy for us to go into a "do, do, do" mode (masculine). Even in the world of healers and practitioners there is a desire to provide, and there is also a danger of thinking that the more we have on our brass plates (accolades, certifications), the better we can serve and/or stand out from the crowd. ⁣

As I practise Cha Dao with Tea I am grateful to have Tea to return me to my Divine Feminine - and there is nothing to do here when we sit in Tea Ceremony: you simply need to be here. Just. Be.⁣

Of course, I am no exception from this allure. But whenever I feel that tug of the ego, my daily practice in meditation with Tea is now deep within me - it has in essence become me, and I have become Tea - that I can somehow draw back and stand in third person position and say, "Wait a minute. Is that so?"⁣

This very much goes back to a Zen tale that Wu De tells often, about a Zen monk who was accused of impregnating a girl in the village. His answer was only: "is that so?" As the parents dropped the child at his doorstep, his response was: "is that so?" After raising the child like his own, the girl came out of the woodwork to confess to her lies, that the baby was never the monk's. The parents came with deep shame, bowing in apology to the monk. And the monk said: "Is that so?"⁣ There is of course a lot more to the story but that is the essence of it that truly expresses the way we can choose to face moments of hardships and deeply unsettling fears: observe.

Tea and Zen are of one flavour. Tea is Zen, and Zen is Tea. There is an innately present quality in Tea that calms the mind and awakens the heart, which makes Her the perfect companion for meditation. ⁣

I am holding space for all who feel called to explore this sense of harmony with the Universe through deep reverence for the sacred space in your heart through simplicity, simplicity that manifests in Tea. #linkinbio for the next event, bespoke one-to-one ceremonies and workshops to come. ⁣

⁣ ⁣🕊🌿☯️

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